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For those to whom it is the call of the wild which rings louder than any other, India presents a beautiful medley of contrasts. From the snow clad mountains of the Himalayas stretching across the top of the country to the great desert which frames the west, there is much to entice those who want to test their skills. Tackle giant rocky walls of the mountains, go biking over some of the most treacherous routes, trek through thick unrelenting forests, tame the unforgivingly harsh sands on camels or a dune buggy. But the fun does not stop here. The vast coastline offers deep-sea diving as well as other water sports. Explore the under-world, swim with the sharks and water-elephants and visit the oceanic paradise of the corals. At Earthen Experiences, we understand the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Our tours are designed to not disturb the natural world as we explore its wonders.

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