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A tiny nation with giant happiness quotient
Locally known as Druk Yul meaning the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is a land of Buddhist teaching. Bhutan is a former princely kingdom located in the Eastern Himalayas, bordering India and China (Tibet). Till the 1970s, due to its geographic and political isolation, it was called the 'forbidden land' where very few people had experienced the picturesque Bhutan.Let Earthen Experiences unravel the mysterious land to you- rich in folklore, mythologies and legends that are celebrated and kept alive throughout Bhutan in its oral traditions.

Bhutan offers you a breathtakingly beautiful landscape covered with the natural beauty of tropical forests, alpine valleys and artic zones of perpetual snow. Over 70% of Bhutan is covered with forests and it is one of the few largest surviving green covers of the world, known for its exotic biodiversity.

Limited contact with the world has created a storehouse of vibrant culture immersed in enchanting stories. Unlike other countries, Bhutan had not chosen its development route through modernisation techniques and rather opted for sustainable economic development that nurtures its unique lifestyle.

You will be mesmerised by the many temples, monasteries, dzongs (fortresses), chortens (stupas) and prayer flags scattered all over the region with people turning their prayers wheels, engrossed in farming or creating items of traditional art or craft. Here people measure their wealth through spiritual measures and inner peace. It is a country where quality of life is scaled on an index of Gross Natural Happiness than through a numerical index of Gross National Development!

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