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Mingle on the rail

Discover the country, but do it with the locals and what can be more intimate than journeys with the great Indian railways. A lovely reminder of the legacy of the British Raj, you can still ride the narrow gauge over the hills, or luxury trains which remind of the extravagant lives of maharajas, to the modern rails which form the life-line of the country. The views from the train and the lively conversations within add layers to the India that you will discover. Give technology a miss and talk to strangers, as Indians are wont to, in order to fill the time over tedious journeys. People embark as strangers and to the gentle swaying of the train, forge new friendships, new ties. Over family gossip, shared sorrows, worries and joys they go back with living memories and new bonds which can last lifetime. Indulge in these conversations which will reveal new facets of life in India.

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