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Pearl of the Indian Ocean
Sitting at the interstices of seafaring routes in the Indian Ocean, the island of Sri Lanka is known by many names. Early adventurers, artists and romantics popularised their seafaring expeditions to this island where the Greeks called it Taprobane, the Arabs knew it as Serendib, the Portuguese popularised it as Ceilao,which the British changed to Ceylon while for the Indian subcontinent it was Lanka. Let Earthen Experiences take you on a journey of the legends, narratives and history of each.

The tropical island of Sri Lanka is famous for its treasure trove of precious gems and legends, folk lore and literary works chronicle the adventures of finding this treasure- from the stories of King Solomon islands, fables about Sindbad's valley of gems to the travels of Marco Polo. The Mahawansa or the great historical record of the island refers to Sri Lanka as island of gems from the first century. The Island's history also records spice trade route which attracted Portuguese, Dutch and British colonisers and it has greatly influenced Sri Lanka's culture, architecture and history.

Let us take you to the glittering island of Sri Lanka with its history and culture intermeshed with fables and parables in ancient capitals, forts, temples, romantic hill resorts, sandy beaches along with an amazing diversity of wildlife in its national parks.

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