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Is the history of a country written by its rulers or by the common people who inhabit these lands? Decide for yourself as we take you through the imperial city of Delhi which stood testimony to the political fate of Indian subcontinent for a millennia, to the interiors of Rajasthan. In its small towns and villages, life continued as before, as rulers came and went and power changed hands. Traditions and cultural practices passed over generations survived not just political changes but the arrival of modernity. In Khandela discover the art of the people adorning the havelis of this region, chart the wildness of the deserts at Khimsar and experience the faith that draws people to the exquisite Jain temples of Ranakpur. Learn of the great fabled romance that still animates the people of Kota, before stepping back in time at the hill-side town of Bundi. The train ride at Deogarh, chugging past rugged landscape through tunnels and across hills, is an experience to relish before arriving at another religious site of Pushkar. Our journey comes to a close at that most beautiful medieval city, Jaipur.