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Call of the Wild

Tread carefully, as we enter into tiger country to catch that elusive glimpse. In the grand old days, mighty hunters would pick up their choicest weapons and venture into the jungles. Today, we are more sensitive and conscious when we invade these territories of the animal kingdom. The jungles open up a new and luscious world, a crossing over where we can be one with nature once again. With 102 national parks, 47 bio-reserves, 515 wildlife sanctuaries and 4 community reserves inhabited by over 900,000 living species, there is a bewildering variety to keep the wildlife enthusiasts occupied. Encounter 12% of the world's known species of birds, and you may just be the lucky one to discover something new. We are saying this earnest because new species get discovered each year. For those keen on simply spending their day with nature, pack your bags and head into the jungles. In special camps, get engulfed by tall grasses and sinewy trees, where the silence of the woods is broken by a cacophony of sounds, disparate yet producing a unique symphony. There is a choice between back to nature camps with those offering discrete luxury in the remotest of regions. Get close to nature and natural living, experience the joys of a symbiotic life; both exhilarating and humbling all at once.

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