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A journey across waterfront gardens ; The Mughals aptly called Kashmir 'Paradise on Earth' . It surpasses in beauty ,all that imagination of an alpine Switzerland shimmering on Jhelum river with nine bridges and waterways reminiscent of Venice. Its floating bazzar and moored houseboats well decorated of exquisite artisanship and gondola-like shikaras . Few hundred kilometres of scenic but strenuous journey on the historic trade route get awarded by a moonscape of scree-covered mountains, the whitewashed medieval monastery towers above a scruffy cluster of tumbledown mud-brick houses from the top of a near-vertical, weirdly eroded cliff and ever blessed young Lama. Some people call it La-Dags meaning "Land of High Mountain Passes", some call it "Cold Desert in the Skies" and some refer it as "Land of Moon" etc. A true journey of wandering soul from Paradise on earth to sun kissed skies ..